My Photographic Style: Simple + Genuine + Illuminated

Simple:  I am a minimalist at heart.  I love clean lines and natural backgrounds.  I keep props to a minimum because I want your family to be the focus of the images.

Genuine:  “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.”  This is my life’s motto.  I see God’s holy fingerprints in the everyday. . .  real moments and honest connections.  As your family’s “memory keeper” I will tell your personal story.  I do this by capturing all of the smiles, hugs and tiny details that are unique to your particular season of life.  My session style is to place clients in good light and use natural conversation + fun to guide your family into those genuine moment.  Laughter between siblings or the loving way a new mom breathes in her newborn are just a few examples.  Every session will include a few traditional posed shots, however I want my clients to also have beautiful candid images and detail shots to remind them of the little things.

Illuminated:  Light is the foundation of photography.  I love to capture it in many different ways and create beautiful illuminated images.  I almost exclusively take outdoor photos at sunrise and sunset as that is when the light is the prettiest.  When doing in-home sessions I look for rooms with large windows and lots of available natural light.

My Business Style:  All About YOU

Each client receives a very personalized experience.  Before the session you will complete a questionnaire and then we will have a pre-session consultation either in person or via the phone.  I offer guidance with wardrobe selection, locations and any other questions that arise before the session.

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